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Building True Wealth With John Creekmur, CFP®

Building True Wealth

Episode 1

If you’ve ever built a house, you know it takes careful planning. The same is true when creating your retirement blueprint. John tells us more in this episode.

Plus, find out more about:

  • Which type of annuity could be right for you.
  • The importance of a fiduciary.
  • Getting a second opinion with financial advice.

Building True Wealth

Episode 2

Many people are concerned about retirement income: "Am I going to have enough to meet my day-to-day expenses, but live the life I envision in my retirement years?" John explains.

Then, hear about:

  • How to create a path forward into retirement.
  • How to find the right financial guidance.
  • What inflation could mean for health care.

Building True Wealth

Episode 3

Retirement has evolved—it looks different for us than it did for our grandparents. What does "next-generation" retirement look like, and how can a professional help?

John breaks it all down, along with:

  • How the retirement landscape has changed.
  • How to help make sense of your retirement portfolio.
  • What to know about the stock market.

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