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Welcome to the “Great Decisions, Incredible Lives: Retire With Intention” podcast. Join host John Creekmur, CFP®, Founder and President at Creekmur Wealth Advisors, as he guides you through a transformative journey towards a retirement beyond financial wealth. Explore the three pillars of the True Wealth Process—Dream It, Build It, Live It—to unlock your true potential, make significant decisions, and live an incredible life in retirement. We have carefully curated a diverse group of experts, visionaries, and retirees who will share their wisdom and experiences to inspire you on your retirement journey.

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Unexpected Early Retirement

Prepare for Risks In Retirement

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When Can You Retire?

Redefining Retirement

Prepare for Risks In Retirement

Healthcare in Retirement

Have I Saved Enough?

Women Should Plan to Live Longer

Plan for Inflation

Surviving Volatility

Number One Fear

Social Security

Will Social Security Be There For Me?

Social Security Mistakes

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Don’t Walk Away From Benefits

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