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Wealth Solutions

You have worked hard to accumulate wealth. You have dreams, goals, and responsibilities that are as unique as you are. You need a True Wealth Plan that will help guide you along the way.

Investment Management Advanced Planning Wealth Planning
Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

  • Goals Based
  • Growth Focused
  • Risk Managed
  • Tax Minimized
Investment Management

Investment Management

  • Systematic
  • Structured
  • Smart
Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning

As your financial balance sheet grows in complexity,
you may need to incorporate unique solutions to
accomplish your goals.

  • Goals-Based
  • Growth-Focused
  • Risk-Managed
  • Tax-Minimized

Your True Wealth Plan will be custom designed with your unique financial goals in mind. Our team of Wealth Advisors & Certified Financial Planners will walk you through the planning process to ensure that your plan is curated to your specific needs.

Retirement Savings and Income Planning

It’s important that you have a plan to help give you peace of mind so you can live the retirement lifestyle you desire. We do this by analyzing your current situation, identifying threats to address, and recommending actions that you could consider to help you achieve your True Wealth Goals.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

We analyze several areas of potential risk (investment, insurance, disability, loss of income, etc.) and recommend solutions designed to address those situations. This will help you know that your loved ones will be cared for no matter what life brings.

Investment Planning

Our team begins by analyzing the current composition of your investment portfolio to determine your potential return, risk, and total expenses. We then design a unique portfolio for each of your financial goals with an aim to balance the risk necessary to help you achieve your goal within your desired time frame. For more information, please visit our Investment Management tab below.

Tax and Estate Planning

Our team works with you to understand your tax situation and how we can seek to minimize your lifetime tax load and ensure your accounts are invested in the most tax efficient way possible.

Review and Implementation

Once the plan is completed your Wealth Advisor will share our findings and recommendations with you during your Framing meeting. Your Advisor and our entire team are privileged to partner with you on your financial planning journey. We look forward to a lifelong partnership with our clients and enjoy nothing more than walking through that journey with each of them.

  • Systematic
  • Structured
  • Smart

Investment Management is a core component of every True Wealth Plan. Each client we work with receives a customized investment portfolio that is built around their individual risk tolerance and timeframe for their goals.

Creekmur Wealth Founder And President, John Creekmur, CFP® shares more detail on how we implement investment management with our clients.

Trend Plus Indicator

The Trend Plus Indicator is how our team measures the overall direction of the market. We use this indicator to help us increase or decrease risk in our client’s accounts by having more or less of an account invested in the stock market. You can learn more about this indicator via this whitepaper from our team.

ETF Models

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have grown exponentially in their popularity due to their low-cost structure and trading in a much more efficient manner than Mutual Funds (they trade similarly to a stock, whereas a Mutual Fund takes days to buy/sell). We have 3 specific ETF models that our advisors can utilize in client accounts.

  1. Passive Equity ETF – This model is comprised of low-cost index ETFs. Our investment team will adjust this model throughout the year based on which areas of the market or economy are performing the best.
  2. Tactical Equity ETF – This model is comprised of 4-5 sector-specific ETFs. A sector is a specific area of the market such as Real Estate, Financials, and Technology. Our team monitors all sectors of the market and will invest in the 4 to 5 strongest sectors. We review these sectors on a daily basis and will make adjustments in the model throughout the year.
  3. Fixed Income ETF – This model is comprised of 4-5 Fixed Income (Bond) ETFs. Funds are selected based on the interest rate environment and the overall health of the economy. Our team will make adjustments in this model throughout the year if the environment changes.

Stock Models

We have 3 individual stock-specific models that are available to our clients. We view stock investing as a more long-term buy-and-hold portion of each of our client’s portfolios. Our team has conducted deep research on each of the individual company stocks that our clients own which gives us the confidence to hold these shares throughout all types of market environments.

  1. Growth Stock Model – Comprised of 8-12 Growth company stocks. A growth company is a corporation that seeks to grow their revenue at an above average pace when compared to other companies in a similar industry.
  2. Income Stock Model – Comprised of 8-10 Income or Dividend focused company stocks. We primarily target Dividend Aristocrats for inclusion in this model. A Dividend Aristocrat is a company in the S&P 500 that has increased its dividend every year for 25 years.
  3. Growth & Income Stock Model – Comprised of 8-12 companies that are included in both the Growth and Income models. We select the 4-6 best companies in each of our models for inclusion in the Growth & Income Model.

Target Outcome ETF Models

A Target Outcome ETF is also sometimes referred to as a Buffer ETF. These funds track a major stock market index like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ and seek to provide a specific outcome in both up or down markets. These funds are utilized to reduce risk in our client accounts, without sacrificing excessive amounts of growth potential. You can learn more about Target Outcome ETFs via this whitepaper.

Our financial planning and investment management team may suggest specialized strategies to meet the unique needs of our clients who have more complex financial situations. Typically, these advanced solutions are most appropriate for Accredited Investors.

Private Equity – Traditional and Credit

We have partnered with some of the largest Private Equity firms in the country to provide a number of high-quality selections for our clients.

Real Estate

We have identified a handful of Real Estate Fund Managers with excellent track records who can provide tax-efficient income and appreciation potential via their funds.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital has had an incredible run over the last decade plus. While this type of investing comes with extreme volatility, the long-term potential rewards are often worth taking those risks. We have a select group of managers in this space that may be a fit for clients with the right attitude towards risk and a long-term time horizon.

Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a way for you to achieve multiple goals at once. By making a contribution to a DAF you are able to decrease your current year taxable income, give to non-profits of choice, and still invest the assets in the DAF for long-term appreciation to further increase your lifelong impact.

Structured Notes

Traditionally reserved for High Net Worth individuals, Institutions, Pension Funds, etc. We have partnered with some of the largest banks in the world to unlock the potential of Structured Notes for our clients. These investments are a way to participate in the appreciation or income generating potential of the stock market without taking on the full risk of the market. While these investments are not appropriate for everyone, they are a great tool to have available in the right situation.

Advanced Tax Planning

Our team has expanded to include CFP’s, EAs, and other credentialed professionals with decades of experience in tax planning. If you have a large transaction coming up – business sale, ISO/stock option vesting, or other large income event – we would strongly encourage you to touch base with our tax team.

Advanced Insurance

We have added to our capabilities in this area to provide our clients with an advanced level of ability to customize insurance products for your needs and address complex underwriting issues.

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