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True Wealth Process


You have already accomplished many of your goals in life, but we believe that you dream of more. True Wealth is about more than how much money you’ve acquired. In our view, True Wealth is about your big dreams and goals – it’s all of the things in life that money cannot buy, and that death cannot take away.


It’s not enough to dream about your future, you need a plan to help you accomplish it. Think of building a financial plan like building a house. You first set the foundation, on top of which you build a frame. After you finish the house, you work to maintain it. Our True Wealth Process follows a similar process.


At Creekmur Wealth we are committed to helping you accomplish your long-term goals, and to encouraging you to live each day to its fullest. We do this through regularly scheduled meetings to monitor and adjust your plan along the way.

True Wealth is about more than how much money you’ve saved for retirement.

In our view, True Wealth is all of the things in life that money cannot buy. Our True Wealth Process is similar to building a house—we help you build a financial plan rooted in a solid foundation.



During this complimentary Initial Consultation, we will discuss your:

  • Goals & future plans
  • Current financial situation
  • Next steps with our team



Using the information you share at the Initial Consultation, our Financial Planning team will build a unique True Wealth Plan designed to help you accomplish your goals.


This is the most important part of the True Wealth Process as we begin to implement your plan using agreed-upon recommendations from your Framing Meeting.

Maintaining & Updating

Whether we meet annually or bi-annually, we review your True Wealth Plan and current account situation to refine and revise as needed.

Tomorrow's financial confidence begins with today's decisions.

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